Taking Beauty To The Next Level

Juvaderm Filler and Botox Injections

Juvaderm restores volume and enhances features. Common treatment areas include: cheek, under eye, lips, around the mouth. Botox treatments are for frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet. Anti-aging and rejuvenation, achieve your goals and look your very best. Currently only available at our North Oak location.


Eyelash Extensions are arguably the most dramatic beauty service on the market today. It is the one treatment that can most dramatically alter your appearance for the better. Clients comment that they look more rested, fresh, younger and importantly more beautiful. The eyes are the one area of the face that are unavoidable. Longer, darker and thicker lashes are of the utmost femininity, and the most envied facial feature. Brow shaping and tinting adds the perfect finish to your eyes. So visit one of our relaxing spas and let one of our artisians create the perfect look.


Making a great first impression still matters and teeth whitening could help you make one each time. The treatment is quick, safe and produces lasting results to keep your teeth bright and dramatically improved from the discolorations that have been dulling your smile. Currently only available at our College boulevard location.

Our experienced professionals set their own prices, hours, and make their own appointments to ensure that you always have a direct connection to your salon and spa professional. Our service providers are the best in the business, due both to their experience/talent and the passion they bring to their specialty.


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